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School database

Question asked by PeterMontague on Jul 17, 2013
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School database


     I'm trying to set up a class sessions portal. I've managed to set up a portal where I can add students by their surname using a value list based on all of the surname field in a different TO. Then first name is narrowed down by a conditional values list based on the surname. The student id is then narrowed down further using a conditional valus list based on a relationship joined by surname and first name.

     So I can populate a class group nicely in a portal which I made. I've noticed that for every portal row I add in the my class group layout a new record is made. But I think this is pretty normal. I've only got two classes so I havent worked out a proper way of making a serial number for each class group. But I've given them, for the moment, the name that they go by in the school. E.g. 1.1A Geography, 2.1A History etc. 

     I'm looking for advice with my class sessions layout. This layout is joined to the class group table by the class name matchfield. I'll change this later. But at the moment I only have two classes. I choose a class from a drop down list and I'd like for all of the students that I have entered in the class group layout to show up in my portal. This is not happening yet for me.

     I'd love to be able to just choose a class and all of the students then show up. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?