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School Database - Class versus Individual: HELP!

Question asked by abrazor on Oct 2, 2009
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School Database - Class versus Individual: HELP!



Before you read this: This post is backwards, start at the bottom.  For some reason, when I press the return key then it goes to the line above, not below (only in this forum). 


Concern: How can I  implement this? I tried putting in a class table, but if I change the relationship from Student-Lesson to Class-Lesson then I mess up 6 months of data.


Main Question: How can I build something like this? Data Tunnel? Script? Anchor-Buoy relationships?  I really have no idea.  I have not yet used anything beyond direct relationships and have not tried scripts or calculations. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Desired Design: I need a layout which is for the Class.  The lesson table is related so when I record a lesson it goes into each individual file.  Then there would be something like a portal on the lesson sheet with the student names where I could record if they attended or not and I could give them a score of 1 to 5 on their performance.  In the class layout I would also need a portal listing who are class members and when they enrolled.


Problem: To input lesson data for a class of 6 students I have to use Duplicate Record 6 times. Wouldn't it be more efficient if lessons were related to class groups? I made a class table but if I link Class to Lesson then every time all students are recorded, but what if someone is sick that day? Also, how can I input individual performance data?


Current Database: three tables - Student information table, lesson record table and fee payment table. Student table is related to Lesson table, payment table is related to student table.  Student table contains bio-data on students and also enrolment and proficiency information.  It also has 2 portals showing lessons the student has done and payments the student has made.


Experience: about 6 months 

Version: FileMaker Pro 10  

OS: Mac Leopard