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School Grades in a calculation

Question asked by PattyKelly on Nov 30, 2012
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School Grades in a calculation



     I'm trying to do a calculation that simply states - that

     if a student has a GPA lower than a 2.5


     has an ACT score lower than 20 - that the end result is "bad grades".  I'm close with the calculation:

     If ( (0≤ ACT and ACT <20) or (0≤ GPA and GPA <2.5); "bad grades";"")

     But, I keep getting "bad grades" if there is nothing entered in one of the fields.  Yes, I checked the box that says do not calculate if field is empty, which I thought was fixed with the 0≤ - but it's not.  

     Any help, greatly appreciated.  

     Thanks, Patty