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School records- siblings linked through family?

Question asked by jhed on Apr 5, 2010
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School records- siblings linked through family?


Hello, again!


I feel a little bad for relying so heavily on this forum, but as no one's complained yet, I will continue to ask my questions as the help I have been getting here is invaluable (and greatly appreciated).  Hopefully after I'm done with this project, my skills will have advanced to the point where I can pass on the goodness...


Using FileMaker 10.0v3

MacBook Pro, OS X 10.4.11


Now to the (latest) point.


I've been building an alumni/development database for a post-secondary educational program.


What I'm trying to do is set it up in such a way that when I link a new student's record to an existing family the new student's record becomes linked to the existing one and shows up in their record (via a portal) as a sibling.


Here is a specific example:


New record (Alumni Layout/Alumni Table):

AlumniID (auto-enter serial)

AlumniFirst: A.

AlumniLast: Smith


(No family record exists for this alumnus yet, so I go to the tab control that I have set up in the Alumni layout with fields from the related Families table and enter the parent info.)


Alumni Layout/Families Table:

Family1ID (linked by script upon entry of family data)

P1aFirst: J.

P1aLast: Smith



As I said, this data is automatically linked to the alumnus record via a script I wrote that fills in the Alumni::Family1ID field with the auto-created serial from Families::FamID, thus linking the two records.


Now, when I create yet another Alumni record:


AlumniFirst: P.

AlumniLast: Smith


I have, with the help of this forum, created a script linked to a button that will search the family records for matching families.  Once I've linked this alumni record to J. Smith's family, I want that to automatically link the two students.


I've already created another join table in which I have the following fields:






SiblingFirstLast (I used a calculation field to concatenate the AlumniFirst and AlumniLast fields into this one.)


Am I even on the right track here?