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Scipt bombs with Get( FileMakerPath ) in a runtime

Question asked by RichardStuart on Jan 16, 2012
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Scipt bombs with Get( FileMakerPath ) in a runtime


Greets, all:

In FMP Advanced v11.x (Windows), I'm coding a script where I use the Send Event command to fire a third-party executable file--based on the relative path from Filemaker Pro.exe--and ran into a problem: the Get( FileMakerPath ) command works fine when I'm using FMP but when I convert the solution to a runtime the script bombs. Am I to assume, then, that Get( FileMaker Path ) doesn't work in runtimes? Is there a different Get command or path structure I could/should use?

As an aside, the runtime will "live' on a flash drive so it won't be looking to the C: drive as a reference.

TIA for your help!