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Question asked by Annette on Jan 8, 2013
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     I am working with a database that already has some scripts which I need to alter slightly.  As they are at the moment they work fine.  But I would like to add a bit of security into it and I'm just not sure how to write it out or where exactly in the script to put it.  I will copy the existing script below but will explain first. 

     At the moment when they are on a particular layout, the user selects the line in a portal they would like to enter information for and press a button which runs the script opening a new layout.  What I would like to do is add a piece that looks up the title of the person on my "People" table from the "Service" field and if their service is ABC and they selected a line that says ABC then it opens up the layout as required from the script.  But if their service does not match the line selected then it does nothing. 

     The script is in the screenshot attached.