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    Scipt or Calculation help



      Scipt or Calculation help


      Can anyone tell me how to write and apply a script, or calculation for the following:

      I have a 'Country' field with pull down menu so that I can choose one from 12 countries. I have another field which is for a 'Country Prefix'.

      So - if someone selects 'United Kingdom' from the pull down list in the 'Country' field, I would like the 'Country Prefix' field to be propogated with 'UK' (same sort of thing with all the other countries)

      I have managed to do it with Access a few years ago, but can't figure out how to do it with FMPA 11

      Any help would be appriciated


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          You should have a table with countries.  One field would then be CountryPrefix.  You would have a relationship from your main table to the Country table as:  MainTable::Country = Countries::Country.

          You then any fields from your Country table directly onto your main table's layout and, when you select the Country in your main table, data from the Country table will appear on the main layout (including the country prefix etc).