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    Score Calculation of Two Records Only Showing One Record



      Score Calculation of Two Records Only Showing One Record


           I am creating a survey of sorts.  Ive created a layout to track the scores of each member taking the survey.  It is broken down by section.  Section One, Three, and Four have scores that are calculated correctly.  The answers in those sections are all chosen from value lists.  But Section Three is about goals or steps towards a goal.  If a member provides a goal or step they get a point.  So I set it up to calculate a score if the field is not empty.  One point if it is not empty, zero if it is.  There are two questions (each an individual record) with five fields provided for goals/steps but the calculation only scores the first question/record, but not the second.  Hence the five points.  It should show ten points.


           Thanks for any help in advance!  Y'all are always amazing.


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               Any time you set up a calculation like this where it references a field in a related table ( Responses Section Two ) from the context of a different table (Principles of Self Determination P...) the reference only links to the first such related record unless you use one of the special methods that can return an aggregate value such as a sum, count, average, list, etc.

               I can't tell from your post exactly how you need this calculation to work, but I'd guess that either Count, sum functions defined in Principles of Self Determination P... or a summary fields defined in Responses Section Two that computes either a total or a count is what you need to get the values for a correct calculaiton here.