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      I have 1121 records.

      Somehow my dates are descending in order mistakenly starting from ID #1 at 8/15/2010 to ID: #1038  Date: 10/2/2007.

      Then correctly in ascending order picking up ID: # 1039  Date: 8/16/2010 to date.

      Note: My ID numbers are correctly ascending in order. ID #1 should be 10/2/2007 and all dates should be descending in order to date.

      The setup of those two field are:

      1. The ID field is a "number" type, the options are Indexed, Auto-enter Serial, Always Validate, Numeric Only

      2. The date field is a "date" type, the options is only Indexed.  

      Obviously, I probably didn't "click" something on to "lock" in the date and ID when I was first setting up the DB, it seems that everything is "loosy-goosey" from the field headings, if you mistakenly "click" a heading things get rearranged.

      Could someone please help me.

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          Sounds like you are viewing your layout while in table view. In table view, unless you disable the feature, clicking a column heading sorts the records in ascending order on the first click and in descending order on the second.

          If you want to see your records displayed in a particular order you can either click a column heading (In table view only), or select Sort from the Records menu.