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Scratching my head

Question asked by RafVerhoogen on Jun 2, 2015
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Scratching my head



I'm trying to find a solution for the following problem.

I have a traditional purchases setup (invoices+invoices detail).  In the invoices detail i indicate in a field if the expense needs to be rein voiced to a customer, and if yes to which customer it has to be invoiced.

My sales invoices are setup in the same way (invoices+invoices detail).  

I've made a layout where i can see which expenses need to be recharged to a specific customer (dropdown customer with a portal to related table of invoice details (purchases).  I now want to select some (or all) of the lines that need to be rein voiced and then create a sales invoice from this.  The following things need to happen :

1. create new sales invoice for that customer

2. copy some of the information from the purchase lines (amount+expensetype+date) to the detail lines of the sales invoices

3. indicate the number of the sales invoice on which it was recharged in the detail lines of the purchase invoice

4. open the sales invoice layout on the newly created invoice to complete the vat stuff on the recharge to finalise the sales invoice


I've tried a lot of stuff but i'm always getting stuck

can someone help please