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Screen Draw errors FMP 13 Win 7/8

Question asked by vision on Nov 9, 2014
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Screen Draw errors FMP 13 Win 7/8


I have a end user who recently purchased and installed FMP13 on two new Win 7 boxes and a Win Surface Pro 3 (Win 8).  On all computers, they noted random lines and errors in window draws.  Looking into the issue, it occurs when FMP is launched, even with no open Databases.  The template databases have the same issue.  The screen draw errors persister even when any of the computers are rest to their factory defaults with no other apps loaded.  All the computers meet FM recommended hardware for FMP13 and re-installing FMP did not alter the issue.  None of the computers have software adjustable GPUs as I looked at altering the hardware video acceleration.  The lines in the menus are minor, but much more noticeable when an open database window.  Any suggestions and is this a known issue?