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    Screen Draw errors FMP 13 Win 7/8



      Screen Draw errors FMP 13 Win 7/8


      I have a end user who recently purchased and installed FMP13 on two new Win 7 boxes and a Win Surface Pro 3 (Win 8).  On all computers, they noted random lines and errors in window draws.  Looking into the issue, it occurs when FMP is launched, even with no open Databases.  The template databases have the same issue.  The screen draw errors persister even when any of the computers are rest to their factory defaults with no other apps loaded.  All the computers meet FM recommended hardware for FMP13 and re-installing FMP did not alter the issue.  None of the computers have software adjustable GPUs as I looked at altering the hardware video acceleration.  The lines in the menus are minor, but much more noticeable when an open database window.  Any suggestions and is this a known issue?  


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          I have installed fma13 on several machine (desktops/notebooks/tablets) with windows 7 and windows 8 and I have not have any issues.  I would believe there is a software conflict or a virus.  I would start with any anti-virus and spyware software you have installed.  If you don't have an anti-virus installed, then I would install one and scan for a virus. If installed remove and try a different brand.  You stated you tested in factory reset, does this mean with factory installed software?  Remove all other non factory software installed including Filemaker and then resinstall filemaker.    

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            Thank you for the response.  I agree, we have many Win 7/8 boxes with FMP13 running that do not have this issue, including several Surface Pro 3s.   All the computers were restored to their original shipping software and all anti-virus and third party apps that come with the hardware were disabled.  Sadly, no improvement. No viruses detected when the system was scanned prior to deactivating the anti-malware software that shipped with the computers.  Each computer is from a different manufacturer and had different ant-malware. 

            Since it is affecting all 3, with significantly different hardware set ups, my thought was that it was related to the latest FMP build since they all used the same install image?  Or perhaps a damaged downloaded install image?  I will try a different, known good install image.  Mostly I was curious whether anyone had seen this issue before.  

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              I don't remember reading a post about someone having this issue and been reading everyday for a couple years, but I could have missed.   Here is a link to the know bug list Announcing the release of the Known Bug List Database

              I would think that would be a major bug, and would have been fixed in beta testing.  I though it may be a virus or software conflict because this isn't normal behavior and that all computers are with the same client, then it would be consistent with all the machine having the same software installed or possibly getting a virus from the same location.

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                If you open the display control panel, is it set to 100% or some other setting?

                In the above mentioned Known Bug List, there's an entry that documents display issues with fileMaker on Windows systems where this control panel was not set to 100%.