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Screen Flash

Question asked by mecovey on Apr 2, 2009
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Screen Flash


I have written a 3 table solution that includes a layout with records in View as List format. The 8.5 Advanced RunTime solution has been in place in a PC Windows XP environment and enhanced several times over the past 2 years without problems. In November '08 I again enhanced the solution and had no problems until early February when the customer reported the screen(s) were flashing rapidly for several seconds. The customer has not been able to duplicate the effect at will but it occurs frequently and makes the product nearly unusable. 


I can not duplicate the action at home. The only "flicker" I see is as the screen paints each of the 5 records displayed on the screen as it paints the list.


In searching the internet and various FileMaker forums, it appears this is a nagging problem and there does not seem to be a difinitive answer about how to stop the prolonged flashing effect. Freeze Window has no effect, filling the fields as one developer suggested had no effect and I am about ready to pull out what little hair I have left.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.