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Screen Flashing - Of a Different Sort?

Question asked by lloyddd on Sep 2, 2010
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Screen Flashing - Of a Different Sort?


I'm not certan if this is worth reporting as a bug.  I've not seen information pertaining to this type of flashing, but I wonder if it is related to the known flashing issues in Windows.

I have a FM11 database accessed by sixty users.  Two of the users have random screen flashing when running Filemaker 10 or 11.  The flashing does not appear to be file or process dependent.  By that I mean it will flash with every solution and does not occur consistently with portal scrolling, data-entry, local files, remote files etc.  It occurs at random times and can occur when the user steps away from the keyboard.  The screen flash causes the entire desktop to flash and is a slower but consistent rate from the "refresh window" flashing I'm used to seeing.  We have updated drivers, reinstalled Filemaker, etc., but the flashing continues at random times.

The only guaranteed way to get the flashing going is to open the Manage->Database->Relationship Graph

Both users are running FM11 on Windows XP machines.  Coincidentally, they are the only users who are also running Citrix and I wonder if there is a conflict.