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Screen Goes Black When Clicking in Browse Mode

Question asked by sjpockmire on Apr 24, 2014
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Screen Goes Black When Clicking in Browse Mode


I'm posting this for anyone who ever encounters their monitor going black when in Filemaker 12 or 13 and using a Mac Mini with Mavericks. I purchased a new Mac Mini in March 2014 running 10.9.2 and hooked it up to an Acer monitor that I used on an old Mac Mini running 10.6. Everything was fine… Word, Excel, Mail, every single program until I opened Filemaker 13.0.3. Whenever I clicked the mouse, the screen would go black. Filemaker Support as well as myself thought the program could be corrupt and perhaps the file. But what was perplexing was that the program and file worked fine with 10.8.5 on my iMac. So I blamed it on Mavericks and the Filemaker program. I downloaded FM 12 and FM 13 again with updates and reinstalled both programs. Again, the screen would black out in both versions even with a Filemaker starter solution file - not just mine. So, I changed my mouse, then keyboard, and last the monitor... low and behold I found it was the monitor. Not one black screen, not one crash, just perfect. The monitor that worked was a Hanns.G JC 199D which ironically would not work with the Mac Mini running 10.6.