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    Screen resolution



      Screen resolution


      I would think to take FM PRO to the ultimate Software Development Stage they would want to go for the AUTO SCREEN RESOLUTION instead of us using the software having to re-create a new solution for each resolution. 


      My work was examined by an appraisal board last month of which there were three software companies trying to get the business.    Two of them have auto resolution adjust and I using FM Pro had nothing to offer them except multiple solutions.     Then when they move to a network, some of their monitors are 1024 x 768, some 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 800.    One solution does not work around the network.   WHAT A NIGHTMARE.


      My opinion is that FM PRO needs to work harder on resolution then about anything.    It is hard to get excited about new FM versions when they are dealing with bells and features, but ignoring the resolution issue.   


      How embarrassing, and I lost a mega account because of this single issue.   


      Thanks FM PRO......   



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          The Profiler:


          Thank you for your post.


          You can obtain the screen height and width by using Get (ScreenHeight) and Get (ScreenWidth) functions.  You can narrow it even further by using Get (WindowDesktopHeight) and Get (WindowDesktopWidth).  You can check to see if the values are less than 1280 x 800, then display a different layout, or size accordingly using the script step "Move/Resize Window" where you can then adjust Height, Width, Distance from top, and Distance from left.  You can also use "Adjust Window" to Resize to Fit.  All of these will help you with different screen sizes.



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            It's been a while, and you might have used TSGal's solution, which will work of course.  And besides, utilizing the stretch and squash capabilities of anchoring in FMP you can really use one interface for lots of different screen sizes and have it all work out really well.  But nothing says you have use all of the real estate provided by any specific screen rez.  


            Over the years I have done lots of systems for lots of different clients and I always ask, "What is your smallest screen resolution?"  And if the answer comes back that it is something particularly small, like 800x600 (or whatever), then I would create my solution at  that rez, and all would be happy.  In fact, the folks with the larger resolutions would be VERY happy because the FMP solution would not take up their entire screen(!!).  Just a thought.


            - shud 

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              shudder wrote:

              But nothing says you have use all of the real estate provided by any specific screen rez.  





              I agree. I was working on FMP 10 with a Macbook and recently upgraded to an iMac. Because i have formatted my layouts for an 800x600 environment, (website standards are engrained) I now get to make my awesome layout look awesome no matter what. I have used the Get Screen Height so the only benefit of having better resolution is being able to see more of the list at once.


              Anywho. thank you for having this thread