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Screen Resolutions

Question asked by TheProfiler on May 4, 2009
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Screen Resolutions


Probably discussed a million times here but I would like to know if FM has ever created a patch or version where regardless of the screen resolution we create a data base in it automatically resizes, ESPECIALLY in these days when every lap top has a different resolution?  



I certainly hope so because this is a very WEAK LINK and when I am competition with a Microsoft product that does resize, it is rather embarrassing and requires some fancy foot work in explanations to the clients.       I have created a solution that is created and made ready for public distribution based on 1024 x 768.      I now must recreate the entire solution of 210 screens for each resolution known to satisfy the need to compete against Microsoft who does not require a few hundred hours.    



Any idea of what has been done or being done...Or not done at all?