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    Screen Scolling...



      Screen Scolling...


      I had a customer complaint today regarding the scrolling between records using the roller ball on their mouse.    


      Is there a way where this is turned off and customer must use the standard navigation?   




      J "ason" 



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          If your customer uses a Mac:

          • System Preferences… in the Finder's Apple menu

          • Keyboard & Mouse

          • Mouse tab

          • Scrolling: choose "Off" 

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            Hey, J.,


            It can be very scary to have clients able to scroll between records.  I'm always fearful that they'll start entering information in one record, switch records without realizing it, and begin entering the information on the wrong record.  And, if you have a full GUI, the user may not even know what table or record they're "sitting on".


            The only way to prevent this is to permanently hide and lock the status bar, providing your own navigation system in the layout.



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              Hi John


              Thank you for the solution to preventing the screen from scrolling with a sensitive mouse.   


              Question remaining is....   Can I prevent this is a (stand alone Run Time Solution) or must I convert the files to open in a (Kiosk Mode)?


              When the client contacted me, he darned near panickd' when his mouse took him many records down before he could count to TWO.    


              Thank you again for your response. 


              J "Ason"

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                Hi J.



                The Profiler wrote:

                Question remaining is....   Can I prevent this is a (stand alone Run Time Solution) or must I convert the files to open in a (Kiosk Mode)?



                One approach is to disable the List View (in Layout Setup under the Views tab).  Records can be accessed one at a time using ctrl-arrow from the keyboard, via the status navigation buttons, or, as John suggested, using your own navigational buttons and hiding/locking the status area.

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                  Hi Jade....


                  I have all my pages designated as  "View as Form"  (checked), with View as List and View as Table (dimmed out).    I went back to my project and still it continues to scroll with the roller ball of the mouse.      Is there something else I am missing here?  


                  The Kiosk solution will not work for the client at this stage of the game.    If you would want to hear screaming from Phoenix to New York, that would probably be the results if I tried that on them.  :) 





                  J "Ason" 


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                    Hey, Boss,


                    You are correct that the scrolling does also happen in Form View.  Some people don't realize this because the behavior is different on the Mac (where you must have the mouse hovering over the status bar) and Windows (where it happens no matter where you are).


                    For hiding the status bar to work, you need to have a script that runs at the time the user logs in.  If you already have a start-up script, simply add in the line to hide the status bar and lock it.


                    If you don't already have a start-up script, you'll need to create one with that goes something like this:


                    1)  Enter browse mode.

                    2)  Allow Toolbars (Off) 

                    2)  Show/Hide Status Area (Lock, Hide)

                    3)  Go to Layout (whatever layout)


                    Then set the file to run that script at startup.   Do this by going to File > File Options.


                    Hope that helps!



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                      Hi John....


                      I wrote the script but in doing so I could not find where it said LOCK.   Everything else is in the script as you suggested.   Maybe  my version   5.50 does not allow for a lock.        I found the Staus Area under 


                      TOGGLE STATUS AREA  -  Marked Hide, but no Lock visible.   Is this the right place?


                      Sure appreciate your help here.  


                      Frustrating....but maybe I will need to live with this. 

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                        Hey, Boss,


                        I haven't used 5 or 6 in a long time and don't have access to them now.  If there is no lock option, you'll have to trust your users not to manually bring the status area back.  You can also randomly sprinkle a ToggleStatusArea (Hide) script step into common scripts to re-enforce that you don't want them using it.


                        When I developed my first solution (on the Mac side), I left the status area visible and used that for navigation.  Then I saw my Windows users doing horrible things to the data.  I about died when I discovered that they were changing records every time they tried to scroll down a window.  It seems that FM has an easier time using the position of the cursor to determine the scroll wheel/ball behavior on the Mac side.  On Windows, it has the same behavior no matter where your mouse is - always working on the "in-focus" component.


                        For that reason, I hide and lock the status menu on every solution I do.  Unfortunately, that means a great deal more work for you, as you now have to build a way for users to navigate your system (changing layouts, moving to another record, performing searches, etc.) - unless that can all be done in the menu bar.  Sorry - I've been working with custom menus for so long, I don't remember what's in the actual default menu any more.




                        It's been a while since I've sent a suggestion to FileMaker to allow for the disabling of record scrolling (which, in my opinion, makes the entire FileMaker end user interface worthless if there is even one Windows user).  I've just resigned to building my own interface every time.  And, now that I see the fugly status area on Version 10, I'm glad I do.  But, you may want to throw your own request into the mix.


                        I hope this somewhat helps.  I didn't get heavy into real FM solution design until Version 7, so I only half know what I'm talking about from light experience on 5 and 6.



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                             There is a lock option for 5.5. The Lock check box is down at the bottom of the dialog on the left. Add the step to your script or select it and then look down there to find it.
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                            Thanks Guys


                            The information is very assuring and I will follow each lead.   I am away from the project at this hour but when I return I will try again. 


                            This is what makes this forum so valuable.   


                            APPRECIATE all the Info John....I do not feel alone here.    Phil, I will give it a shot.  I do not remember that feature.   


                            Have a great day...