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    Screen Size



      Screen Size


           Hi Everyone


           I hope you are having a nice weekend.


           I am about to embark on a mission to produce a solution for sale. 


           I Just wanted to gather some opinions on the best screen size to base the layouts on so that the solution will work on most monitors.


           Many Thanks



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               You could try and look around at what kinds of monitors you will be using and make yours work for the smallest size / resolution.

               You could experiment with autosizing. But I have no experience with that. I don't know if it works well when you have lots of fields on your layout.

               Will iPads and or iPhones be using your database?

               Because then you could use a startup script that detects the device and sends you to another layout.

               But then you do need to make every layout multiple times. Once for computer, once for iPad and once for iPhone.

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                 And sometimes you need two sets of layouts--one for really large monitors and one for smaller sizes. Again, this results in duplication of effort when you design and redesign your layouts, but a start up script can use get functions to detect the pixel dimensions of the user's monitor and then use that info to take the user to the correct layout set. In one of my systems, we give each computer a unique user name in preferences and use that info to look up monitor info on that specific machine. A few of them open with windows zoomed to 150 and one spreads out the windows opened over two monitors...

                 Other things that can both solve display problems and complicate your life as a developers:

                 On windows systems, there's an "enlarge window contents to improve readability" preference setting. If this option is selected the zoom is shown with an asterisk that you can detect with the get ( WindowZoomLevel ) function.

                 And in Windows 7, there are settings in a control panel that will enlarge the montior contents and these settings cannot, as far as I know, be detected by FileMaker...

                 Setting anchors to that objects on a layout reposition or resize with different windows can be very powerful, but also very challenging to use. Generally speaking, you can set anchors so that one selected object changes size and the rest slide to the right and or slide down as the window size increases. But you can't set a group of different objects (such as a grid of buttons on a main menu layout) to resize and get a result that works.

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                   Thanks a lot guys, thats very useful information that is helping a lot