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    Screen Sizes Change



      Screen Sizes Change


           I'm on the company layout and I want to add a company contact to the company.  I have made a new layout for adding company contacts and created a button on the company layout to open a new window at a particular size. 

      1.           All looks ok but the origional layout (Company) reduces in size as soon as I press the button to open the new window/layout, then I have to press the maximise button to fill the sreen again. The new layout does open fine.
      3.           I have also put a company name field on the top of the new layout so the user knows that a new contact for that company is been made but this field remains blank.




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               1) Welcome to the joy of managing multiple windows in FileMaker on Windows systems.

               With the system set to maximized windows, either all windows are maximized or no windows are maximized. When a window drops out of maximized state it reverts to a previous window size for that window--and this usually insn't the window size that you want. And creating a new window drops them out of maximized state.

               You have two less than perfect options:

               a) After opening the new window, add in steps to ressize the underlying window--either to maximize the window or to resize it out to the limits of your current monitor. (There are get functions you can use to get the dimensions of your screen.) IF you want all windows maximized, just use adjust window to remaximize the windows. If the new window is to function  as a small dialog, set the underlying window's size to the "almost maximized size" using get functions and maximize windows when the smaller window is closed. With FIleMaker Advanced, this can be done with a custom menu set such that clicking the close window control on the smaller window performs a script to maximize windows.

               b) Don't maximize your windows in the first place. Then you have no window resizing going on, but now you have double scroll bars courtesy of having a FileMaker Window inside the FIleMaker Application window.

               2. You'll need to describe what you did in much more detail on that company name field on a new layout. A new layout based on what table? Since you are adding a new company, why wouldn't that field be blank until the user enters a company name into it?

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                 Thanks for the feedback on the windows, regarding the contact issue.

                 I have the main layout for the company with a portal on a tab control for adding company contacts, but I want to keep the portal to display the contact from here and not allow editing. i.e I want to put a button beside this portal that will go to the company contacts layout and create a new contact for the company.  The button is getting me to the layout but it’s not relational to the company record im coming from. I want to have a merge field at the top of this contact layout which has the company name letting the user know that they are still on the company record and is creating a new contact for that record (company).





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                   A button inside the portal row can do what you describe. It would either specify the Go To Related Records button option or perform a script with the Go To Related Records script step:

                   Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Table2; Using layout: "Table2" (Table2) ; new window ]

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                     I've tried buttons inside and outside the portal row with go to related records to the company contacts layout as you have described - so it does that anyway but as soon as I click the new record button on the layout it makes a new record but with no relation to the origional from the company. 

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                       That's a different task. I understood that you were asking for a button to bring up an existing contact record in detail view. A new record will not be automatically linked to a record in the company table. You'd need to set up a script for that or to create the new record directly in the portal.

                       I'd put a New Contact button on the Companies layout, outside of the portal to do this unless I could just enter data in the portal to create my new contact record:

                       Set Variable [$CompID ; value: Companies::__pkCompanyID ]
                       Go to Layout ["Contacts" ; (Contacts) ]
                       New Record/Request
                       Set Field [Contacts::_fkCompanyID ; $CompID ]

                       Just substitute your table::field names for mine.

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                         Good Stuff, thanks. Eugene