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      Scrips & Variables


           I am reviewing a database that has some extensively long scripts; the current script I am reviewing has 800+ steps.  I am thinking about breaking the script out into smaller script chunks...my issue is that it currently uses a lot of local variables throughout the script.  If I move those variables into smaller scrips that are run within the main script, will they carry across or is there another better approach?

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               If it's not broke why fix it.  Local variables with just $ are only available in the current script.  Global variables with $$ are available in other scripts.

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                 The purpose of reviewing the database is to determine if it is better to rebuild or reuse the current database.  We are leaning towards rebuilding for a variety of reasons.  So looking at how to clean up some of the scripts and make them easier to follow for future updates.

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                   You may find it useful to change some variables from $Local to $$Global as S Chamblee suggested. If you break the large script up into smaller scripts you can also pass data to the script being called as a script parameter and there are several ways to combine multiple values into one script parameter.