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Question asked by VanessaAnne on Feb 13, 2013
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     I am trying to import pictures using the 'File -> Import Records -> Folder...

     I have matched the source fields to target fields and told it to 'update matching records in found set'. It is set to "match records based on this field" which points to the file name of one of my source fields.  But the source has a .jpg extension which means filemaker won't recognize it as a matching field.

     If the .jpg wasn't there, they would match up fine.  I believe there is a script that will tell it to remove,strip, or ignore the last 4 characters of any given filename you are working with based on other posts I've seen.  Howver I haven't found exactly how to do this or where to set it up.  Please note I would prefer to not have to change the field itself or create a calculation field just for this purpose, as I am only supplying the source data and the target database is not mine to modify.  


     Thank you.