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      Script & Relationship Help


      I currently have two tables set up.

      Table 1 is called Quoter. Quoter has 4 fields named DscountID_1; Discount Descrp_1, Discount Percent_1 and Equip Model.

      Table 2 is called Discounts. Discounts has 4 fields named DiscountID_1; Discount Descrp_1; Discount Percent_1 and Equip Model.

      Relationship #1 is currently set at Quoter::DiscountID_1 = Discounts::DiscountID_1.

      Relationship #2 is currently set at Quoter::Equip Model = Discounts::Equip Model

      I have a value list called Model in the Quoter table that uses the value Discounts::DiscountID_1 which only displays the value from second field Discounts::Discount Descrp_1 to include only related values from Quoter relationship #2.  This drop down value list is assigned to the field Quoter::DiscountID_1; I have set a script trigger "On object modify" in this same field that will set the Quoter::Discount Descrp_1 from Discounts::Descrp_1 and Quoter::Discount Percent_1 from Discounts::Discount Percent_1.

      This works fine but I just do not like the layout having to show the discount ID number. I would ultimately prefer the user clicking in the Quoter::Descount Descrp_1 field to do the same as clicking in the Quoter::DiscountID_1 field. Users are constantly asking me what does the number mean. So if I could just eliminate this the layout would also look less cluttered. This is where I can not figure how to set up the proper relationship to make this work.

      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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          A simple option is to use a pop up menu in place of a drop down list. (And you don't need a script and trigger to copy over the description and percent values over. You can set up looked up value auto enter field options to enable this to happen without a script being used.

          The pop up menu's "beveled block" look can be hidden if you don't like it's looks.

          The following demo file demonstrates several ehanced value selection methods. The drop down in the line items portal row will do what you describe. The item number fields are included in the layout so that you can watch things work, they can be removed from the portals without affecting the function of any of these methods.