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Question asked by jeffd on Apr 4, 2011
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I currently have two tables set up.

Table 1 is called Quoter. Quoter has 4 fields named DscountID_1; Discount Descrp_1, Discount Percent_1 and Equip Model.

Table 2 is called Discounts. Discounts has 4 fields named DiscountID_1; Discount Descrp_1; Discount Percent_1 and Equip Model.

Relationship #1 is currently set at Quoter::DiscountID_1 = Discounts::DiscountID_1.

Relationship #2 is currently set at Quoter::Equip Model = Discounts::Equip Model

I have a value list called Model in the Quoter table that uses the value Discounts::DiscountID_1 which only displays the value from second field Discounts::Discount Descrp_1 to include only related values from Quoter relationship #2.  This drop down value list is assigned to the field Quoter::DiscountID_1; I have set a script trigger "On object modify" in this same field that will set the Quoter::Discount Descrp_1 from Discounts::Descrp_1 and Quoter::Discount Percent_1 from Discounts::Discount Percent_1.

This works fine but I just do not like the layout having to show the discount ID number. I would ultimately prefer the user clicking in the Quoter::Descount Descrp_1 field to do the same as clicking in the Quoter::DiscountID_1 field. Users are constantly asking me what does the number mean. So if I could just eliminate this the layout would also look less cluttered. This is where I can not figure how to set up the proper relationship to make this work.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.