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    Script - Part Borders



      Script - Part Borders


           I'd like to know how to make a script to modify the borders on a layout part. 

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               No script can enter "Layout Mode", but the developer can.

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                 The script can create the illusion of changing part borders by changing layouts to a layout that duplicates the first except for different borders.

                 But feel free to use Post a new Answer to explain in more detail what you are trying to do, maybe there's an alternative approach to getting the result that you want.

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                   Thanks raybaudi. I'm new to scripts and am still figuring out what all I can do with them. 

                   PhilModJunk - Thanks, but that won't help here as I am frequently changing which fields are in this layout and would then have to change it in two places.

                   To elaborate on my situation:

                   I frequently have to make 3 reports for a desired field(s): one version showing all items with sub-summaries by sub-category and category, one showing only sub-summaries by category and by sub-category, and one showing only sub-summaries by category. 

                   Currently, we have three layouts, one for each version. Each time a new set of reports is needed, I change the title & field(s) on each version. I'd like a way to make the changes once. 

                   I am exploring the idea of using a sub-summary by item number part instead of body part. Then I would only need one layout and could produce all three versions by only changing the sort. 

                   However, the problems that arise with this are that:

                   1. For each version,I have to manually change the thickness of the part borders & which parts have fields that are bold. Otherwise, the report is not friendly to read. I was hoping that this could be automated using a script.

                   2. I end up with a lot of white space on the category & sub-category reports because fields such as item name & item number are not present. This results in using larger paper than necessary to print the reports. 


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                     Thanks, but that won't help here as I am frequently changing which fields are in this layout

                     but why are you frequently changing the design of your layout? Some maintenance of layouts will be ongoing but frequently changing the layout design by adding/removing fields is very unusual and really shouldn't be necessary. (And even if this is the case, you can easily keep two or more layouts the same by copy/pasting layout objects from the newly modified layout to a second layout that needs to be kept "in synch" with the design of the first.)

                     1. these effects can be produced via conditional formatting and/or a Hide Object When setting (New in fileMaker 13). Your script can set a global variable to a value and then expressions in a conditional format or Hide object when setting can reference that variable in order to change the visibility or text style of that object.

                     2. Setting objects to "slide up" with "resize enclosing part" also selected are supposed to be able to eliminate such wasted space.