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Script - Set Field for Two Values

Question asked by ChrisSmythe on Nov 8, 2012
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Script - Set Field for Two Values


     Hello, I am running FileMaker Pro v12 on Windows XP and have just created a script which is meant to do the following (please see attached image and also my database at the following link:  (Account Name: Admin   Password: click on OK as there is no password).

     I want my script named: Find Letters Not Sent - Army.

     The script does not work with the following criteria:

     Set Field [DbUserEdits::DeploymentStatus; "Pending" or "Deployed"]

     If I change this criteria to:

     Set Field [DbUserEdits::DeploymentStatus; "Pending"]

     The script works well.

     However, I need it to find DbUserEdits::DeploymentStatus to equal either "Pending" or "Deployed".

     Could you please advise on how I can do this?

     Kind regards,

     Chris :)