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    Script and field focus issue



      Script and field focus issue


      I'm having a particular problem with a script I'm working on. I have a global field where I've set the Return key to "Go To Next Object" so that the user can use it to commit the data instead of entering carriage returns into the field. This field has a script trigger OnObjectExit.

      So, the user enters information, hits return, and my script runs. But what happens is that the field focus seems to be temporarily disabled for the duration of my script. Once the script has run its course, focus returns to the global field and then the "Go To Next Object" command takes place, sending field focus to whatever is next in the tab order. What I want it to do is either return to the global field or have there be no field focus.

      I can't use Commit Record in my script because only after the script is over does the field's focus return. I can't use Go To Field[originalGlobalField], because once the script is over, field focus returns, the original return command tries to go to the next object, and the script is triggered again, sending it into an unending loop.


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          What does your script actually do?

          If you end this script with Exit Script [false] it cancels out the focus change brought about by the field exit, but can't tell you if this is a good idea or not as I don't know what your script is supposed to do.

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            I'm using the script to implement a filtered portal functionality (I'm in FM 10). It's basically:

            Set Variable[$FilterText;gFilterText]

            Go To Layout[Contacts]

            Enter Find Mode

            Set Field[ContactID;$FilterText]

            Perform Find

            Set Variable[$ContactIDs]

            Go To Layout[Original Layout]

            Set Field[gPortalKey;$ContactIDs]


            As mentioned, the script is triggered by exiting gFilterText. The problem essentially is that if I hit Return from gFilterText to trigger the script, FM seems to wait until the script is entirely finished and exited before it applies the Go To Next Object command.

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              And what problem does that cause?

              None of your script steps rely on the current layout focus so this should not affect how this script executes.

              Your script as posted is missing some key details, namely table occurence names in the set variable steps and it would help to know on what table occurrence your layout is based where this script starts its executiong.

              Also, this step is missing a parameter:

              Set Variable[$ContactIDs]

              I don't know how many of these are omissions in the actual script and how many were just left out of your post.

              To post a script to the forum:

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                The problem that it causes is that I want the field focus to not go to whatever field or object is next in the tab order. It's strictly an end user functionality detail. I want either no focus or for the focus to be placed back upon the original field.

                I'll keep the script posting comments in mind, my actual script is a good bit longer and less intuitive to understand than the above simplified version, in this instance I don't think it would make diagnosis easier. Also, the issue at hand really has less to do with the script itself and more with what seems like a behavior of FM, which I'm wondering if there's a work around for.

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                  Then End your script with Exit Script [False] as I previously suggested.

                  This cancels out the original triggering event (go to next object here) and will leave the cursor in the current field.

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                    I thought I did try Exit Script, but I'll give it another shot when I'm back in on Friday. Thanks.