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    Script beeps



      Script beeps


           Hi. I'm having aproblem with my script steps. They are constantly setting off beeps so I ran the script debugger and I keep getting error messages telling me that a field has to be selected for my find/replace script. Here is what I have

           Go to field [Collection::Author]

           Perform Find/Replace [No dialog; ";" ; "%"; Find Next]

           I checked Current record/request and Current field and Direction is All

           It does this with all my Find/Replace fields. I thought that setting the Go to Field before performing the fin/replace sets that as the current field. What am I missing? Thanks for any help.

           FMA 12 Windows 7

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               Is Collection::author on the current layout at the time these steps are performed?

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                 My script step prior to the above is   Go to layout [collection::collection]

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                   Yes, but is the Collection::author field present on the collection::collection layout? The fact that the layout refers to Collection:: does not indicate that a field object referring to Collection::author exists on that layout.

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                     Yes, we are all having the same problem. Extremely annoying, and it's impossible to release solutions with this bug to our customers. We haven't found any workaround either. (FMPA 12.0v3 Mac OS X)

                     So we have to conclude that this is yet another idiotic bug from Filemaker that is left unfixed (number 1 million, or so). What is particularly pityful is that these bugs block productivity and useability all the way from the developer to the end-user.

                     This seriously indicates that Filemaker Inc has no clue of the real world. Filemaker is just such a toy, and the makers show very little professionalism. If anything, rather than fixing their bugs, they spend time on complaining at customers who they believe are "thinking the wrong way". I understand now why they so desperately are having sales on their products all the time.

                     R.I.P.  Filemaker