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    Script beginner... Where do I start learning?



      Script beginner... Where do I start learning?



           I bought a copy of FileMaker Pro in 2011 and haven't needed to study scripts for my use, but now I really need to and I have ZERO experience with scripts.

           Can anyone kindly suggest where I should start from the very very very basics? A few books or training courses or anything would really help.




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               Whenever you ask questions in this forum, it's a good idea to identify the version of FileMaker that you are using. That helps others keep from suggesting solutions that don't apply to your version of the software.

               Scripting in FileMaker is fairly easy to pick up on your own if you are willing to invest the time. Select Manage | Scripts and click the new button to start a new script. This opens the script editor. The script you create will be listed as script steps in the large "pane" of this window located at top right. You'll find the list of available scripts steps listed on the left. You can add a script step by double clicking it.

               Many of the steps listed on the left should look familiar. Most of them have the same or nearly the same name as a menu option you can select from one of FIleMaker's standard menus. Sort records for example, is a script step and also a menu option. When you set up the sort records script step, you'll use the same dialog boxes you do when selecting the menu option. This is typical, so you can actually create some simple scripts just by making a list of the menu options you'd select and then recreating that list as script steps.

               But the steps in two categories: Control and Fields have most  of the steps that do not have a matching menu version. These are the ones to look up in FileMaker help and any training materials you acquire. The control steps are what allow your scripts to do more sophisticated actions such as repeating the same action once for every record in your found set or using the value of a field in order to decide whether one set of script steps or another should be performed. The fields steps are there to enable your script to modify the data in your fields, to go back to our "make a list of menu options" example, they add the needed part of that process where you'd manually stop and edit data in a field.

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                 You could go to www.lynda.com

                 They have a lot of video's and sample files you can learn from..