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Script can't remember Print Setup selections

Question asked by FilmUser on Jul 8, 2014
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Script can't remember Print Setup selections


     FMP 12 v1 Windows 7 (working on the IT group to get us the v4 updater)

     This reminds me of an issue with an earlier version of FMP, you set the printer and parameters in a script for print setup and every time the script is run, the script ignores its setup and mimics the print setup choices of the last print.

     Situation is several network printers, shared by 20-odd file clients (FM Server 12 hosting). 3 of these users print to a special Zebra printer (also on the network) on small labels. The setup parameters are much more involved than a normal page size and orientation. Access to script writing is not given to the folks who print, they print by hitting buttons, to control just this kind of thing.

     If the Zebra printer is set as the default at the system level, then it overrides the selections in other scripts (some scripts are looped through records to collate prints, printing to a normal letter size copy machine), trying to print to the Zebra printer all the time. I have had to uncheck all of the script choices, "perform without dialogue" so that each time the user can choose the right printer, which is quite annoying in a script with many records cycling through 3 layouts.

     I just made one of the users' OS printer default one of the other network printers, and when we ran the script to print on the Zebra, it came up another printer (not her default) and when manually choosing the Zebra printer in the setup dialogue, all of the parameter choices had to be made all over again. We then repeated this and half of the parameters had to be reset.

     What goes here? Am I missing something?