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Script Commit file if fields have data.

Question asked by JosahMower on Apr 30, 2012
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Script Commit file if fields have data.


I am having a problem with a layout I created. It has 2 different tables involved.I am entering Tag information (Tag, Device, Manuf, Model, Serial) and I have location information (building room user etc.) Tag information and Location are linked by tblTag index. So when I enter all the information and got to the location information I get this error: This field cannot be modified until "__pkTagIndex" is given a valid value.

I want to have a script that says if  tag, device manuf, serial have values commit the record. This way when I enter information and when I tab to the Location field the index record is already been created and the user doesnt have to hit save to enter location field. I do not what to auto commit, so that blank records are not created.

But I dont understand were to place the script or how to write the script to work. I have tried but have been failing for the last couple of days now.