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    Script connecting two databases



      Script connecting two databases


      I have inherited a set of Filemaker Pro 8 databases and am trying to figure out how to better automate them without a total overhaul.  There's one database which receives student registration information from a web form (student name, address, etc.).  Then, there's another database where this registration information needs to be entered into several tables (this is currently done by hand).  I'd like to create a button on the first database which, if clicked, will transfer some of the data for a single record to a similar table in the second database.  Is this possible?  How would I do this?  I have written a few basic scripts with loops and such but am not really familiar with all of the commands available, and I am not familiar with how to write a script which connects two unconnected databases.



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          The first thing to do is to connect (relate) the two unconnected databases. Depending on how they're structured you may be able to view all the data you need from one file on a layout of the other simply by dragging fields onto the layout or by using portals. You may not need scripting. As well, even if you do script, the files , or tables contained in them, will need to be related. FM doesn't care if all tables are in the same file or in different files. If you're new to this, look for "Relationships" in the online help.



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            Ah, I didn't realize that FM didn't care if the tables were in separate files.  Since I can relate fields in different databases, this becomes pretty easy.  Thanks!!