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Script doesn't work as expected

Question asked by ThomasStout on Mar 9, 2010
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Script doesn't work as expected




I'm on a Mac, running Tiger, FMP 10 Advanced


I created a script that doesn't work the way I expected it to work.  Could someone comment please?


Here's the script:

Go to Layout [ “Client Name/Time” (Schedule) ]
Enter Find Mode [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Schedule::ThisWeek: “...”
Omit Records; Criteria: Schedule::Schedule: “avail”
Omit Records; Criteria: Schedule::Schedule: “e-bike” ]
[ Restore ]
Set Field [ Schedule::ThisWeek; WeekOfYear ( Get (CurrentDate) ) & Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ]
Perform Find/Replace [ Search operation: Find Next; Search settings: Forward; Search across: All records/requests; Search within: All fields ]
[ No dialog ]
Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: Schedule:: Planner Date; ascending
Schedule::ClientID; ascending ]
[ Restore; No dialog ]
Go to Field [ Schedule:: Planner Date ]


Here's what it does that I don't want it to do:

Pauses after Set Field Step so I have to type a return

Doesn't Sort


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,