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Script Driven Collapsible Regions in FMP 12?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Aug 15, 2012
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Script Driven Collapsible Regions in FMP 12?


Is it possible to have a FMP 12 design layout whereby if a user clicks "Y" (from a Y/N radio button group), there would be a nested (Collapsible region) in the same layout with additional text, buttons, and possibly other fully-functional screen controls -- not just text. If the user doesn't click "Y", he just goes, say, to the next question on the main layout -- there could be another opportunity for him to click "Y" and get a collapsing region for that question, and so on.

With what I currently know about FMP 12, this design isn't possible and the closest I could come to this would be to navigate to a separate layout when the user click "Y". Is that correct?

In any case, I wanted to confirm here if anyone had done anything like inline collapsible (script driven) layout regions.

Hopefully, there's something not quite as ugly (IOW, more "in-line" and part of the existing layout) as having to switch to a totally different layout if they click "Y".

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.