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    Script Editor



      Script Editor


      In Script Editor, I'd like to see certain capabilities, maybe they are already there and I'm just missing them.

      1. When I delete a "Loop" or "If" can the editor remove the corresponding End Loop and End If statements?
      2. Is there a search and replace (say I want to change the name of a variable)?
      3. Are there other Script Editors that will work with FMP (e.g. Smile, TextMate)?

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          Sorry, but "No" to all three questions.

          You can, however, find and delete the extra End steps by noting how the indenting changes when you delete the Loop or If step.

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            I found a third-party text editor able to work with FileMaker.

            Textmate ( http://macromates.com ) is a popular editor written specifically for OSX.  It has the ability work with multiple languages via "bundles" that provide easy access to language keywords and functions.

            A FileMaker bundle is available at https://github.com/DonovanChan/filemaker.tmbundle#readme


            • Tab triggers for FileMaker functions
            • Documentation for functions, script steps and error codes
            • Commands
              • Manipulating/generating calculations
              • Manipulating/generating FileMaker clipboard XML
              • Extracting data from the DDR
              • Extracting data from import.log files
            • Syntax highlighting
              • FileMaker
              • FileMaker Clipboard
              • FileMaker Log
            • Code folding
            • Help section
            • Full documention on most commands (displayed when running command with empty input)
            Here is a screen shot of the TextMate Interface with the Filemaker bundle.