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    Script Error or subsummery problem



      Script Error or subsummery problem


      Hello Friends

      I have a shipment tracking solution that when I create a new records a date field gets populated with the current date.

      I also have a sub-summery report that sorts the records by date on a second layout. however when I look at it in a sub-summery I see that the first record turns in to a question mark.

      When I delete the first record the next one turns to question mark

      Please help



      Windows Vista



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          Can you describe that in more detail?

          Is this a single field that displays a question mark?

          Or do multiple fields all show a question mark?

          If a single field, what kind of field? A date field?

          If a date field, what formatting for the date field have you specified? A question mark could simply indicate that the field is too narrow to display the date with the date formatting currently selected for it on the Inspector's data tab. (see the data formatting section at the bottom of this tab.)

          If that's the case, then you can either make the field wider or change the date format.

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            It is a single date field. The length of the field is long enough to fit any type of date format. The Sub-summery layout is sorted by this date field therefore this field is sitting all alone on a Sub-Summery part. The date shows up fine on the second or third record but it shows up as a single Question Mark on a first record. When I go back to the main page the date is changed to ? and will not change back to the right date until I delte the record and recreate it.


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              What do you see when you click into this field? It sounds like something, a triggered script maybe?, is putting data that is not a date into the first record of your found set that is not a valid date. The OnRecordLoad trigger comes to mind as it could fire on the first record each time you access the layout and again each time you delete the first record.