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Script fails when multiple BODY RECORDS

Question asked by TKnTexas on Jan 31, 2015
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Script fails when multiple BODY RECORDS


First, I hate my accounting software, and it is not cheap or inexpensive software.  But it fails to do the job.  I found a report that has the data elements I need, that I cannot not get from its SmartLists.  

I printed the report to a file.  Then I identified that DATA ROWs.  Data1 and Body.  

Data1 is the Parent to the Body.  It is the Check and Body represents the invoices being paid.  I need the Check Data (Data1) to be shown on the Body Record.  

I wrote my script in modules.  I tested each module.  I capture the data of Data1 in variables.  Then I go to the Body records to paste this information.  As long as there is only ONE Body record, it is fine.  When more than one it hangs.

I have used this technique in a version 11 database .. and it would speed through the table.  Now it is not doing that.  I put REFRESH WINDOW steps in, but I should not need that.

FMProAdv 13v04 on MacOS 10.10.1