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Script Find Returns No Values - Stop prompting my users! :o)

Question asked by DSM on May 19, 2009
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Script Find Returns No Values - Stop prompting my users! :o)


I am somewhat new to Filemaker, and I have been working with scripting. I have created a script to look at one field in a record, then it goes to another table and searches for records of the same value. I am using variables to perform the find, and so far I have only gotten it to work by doing the following.


Enter Find Mode[]
Set Field[SearchField;$$Variable]

Perform Find[]


I am sure I shouldnt have to do all that, but it doesnt seem to work with the variable for me if I simply do a
perform find[] and specify the search criteria.


But that is not my main problem. The main problem is when there is no records containing the same value as $$Variable. The script is then paused and asks the user to Modify Find, Continue, or Cancel the Find. I would like for this script to continue running without prompting the user at any point.Can this be done? If I need to perform the find in another manor, and the find works the same as the sample script above, I would have no problem changing this. Actually I would prefer to simplify this step.


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.