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Script FMP to format an excel file/run macro after exporting?

Question asked by jackkent on May 3, 2013
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Script FMP to format an excel file/run macro after exporting?


     Hello all, first post here! I've read a few previous posts on this topic, but here goes:


     I'm using Filemaker pro with the Moneyworks Gold connectivity plugin to run reports in Moneyworks, save them as excel files, and email them to people. The problem is, Moneyworks' excel report format is not nice. I'd like to figure out how to automatically perform some document formatting on the exported excel file before it's attached to an email.


     I am just starting to learn about VB Macros in excel. Should I set up some sort of VB macro that FMP would call to run on the exported file? Can it be a macro that exists outside of a particular workbook (some universl excel macro) since every new report exported has no macros in it.


     Or is there another way, perhaps with some direct VB coding...I'm also considering the issue of running this on our FM Server vs. client machines. Having the server handle this would be optimal of course, but I realize it's a BAD idea to try to open any user runtime environment on a server, like opening the file in excel and editing it before emailing it to someone.


     Thanks for reading! Appreciate any comments,