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    Script for an or find



      Script for an or find


           I understand that to make an or find, you can manually enter find mode, enter value A in one field, click add new requests and look up value B in a different field, and filemaker will find all records that contain either value A or value B.

           Is there any way to script this process where filemaker would let the user enter a value in different fields and then find the record(s) that contains the value in one of the fields?

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               Anything that you can set up manually in a find can also be scripted. One way is to set up a group of global fields for the user to enter search criteria while in browse mode and then a script can take the data in these global field to set up one or more find requests that find records.

               An "OR" type find can be set up with a script that uses New Record/Request while in find mode to create additional requests or your script can perform a find for the first criterion, then return to find mode, specify the second criterion, but use Extend Found Set instead of perform find.

               For examples of scripted finds that use these methods see: Scripted Find Examples

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                 Thank you!  It worked perfectly!!!