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    Script for Birthday



      Script for Birthday


      How can I build a script to automatically calculate a persons age by using the System Date/Time function and a Birthday field that will automatically put the answer in a field called age.

      I would like to see the answer in years and Months or just years would do as well.


      I don't want to have a field called current date that I have to manually input the current date into.


      I would think that this type of script would be very useful to a lot of users.


      Thank you for any assistance.

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          Hi RickSr


          Here is a calculation I use for working out someone's age, just create a calculated field and change the references to Birthday   



            Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - 

            Year ( Birthday ) - Case ( Get ( CurrentDate ) < 

            Date ( Month ( Birthday ) ; Day ( Birthday ) ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ) ; 1 ; 0 ) 


          Also under storage options set it to Do not store calculated result.


          This uses the Get ( CurrentDate ) function so there is no need for any additional field with the current date. 


          I hope this helps. 


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            The following will give you age in years:


            You take the integer portion of the difference between the current date and the birthday divided by the average number of days per year.



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              Thank you both for such a quick reply.

              I will give them both a try.

              I feel that this type should be a canned script, I'm sure that it would get

              a lot of use.


              Thanks again



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                Thank you......

                Your fix worked just fine.



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                  I found and have used this:


                  //calculates age in years
                  // input:date
                  //output: integer

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                    I am glad to have found this page when I was looking for a script for birthday. Only as I read through the replies did I realise the "Get" function in FM10 pro. With that in hand, I wish to share my script which I hope would be useful to others as well.


                    Round ( (Get ( CurrentDate ) - Birthday) / 365 ; 0 ) 


                    Thank you.



                    M Marzuki