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    Script for bringing an object to the front



      Script for bringing an object to the front




      I am trying to make an artefact database (akin to an inventory database) and so need more than one image for each record to show different details.  I have currently devised it so that a tab on the Artefacts Layout shows three small container fields with different images of the same artefact. Each of these container fields has a button on top of it with a go to object script.


      Outside of the tabs area on the Artefacts Layout's main page, I have three large container fields all layed on top of each other. Each large container field, I have labeled as Object 1, 2 and 3, respectively. It was my hope that when you click on the button of the smaller container field found in the tabs, it would bring up the correct larger layered object found on the main page. (IE when I click the smaller tabbed "Image 2" button imprinted with go to Object 2, it would show the larger Image 2 found on the main page but because Image 1 (Object 1) is sitting on top of it, the button is not really doing its job.  So to make a long story short, is there a way to write a script that says "Go to Object 2 and bring it to the front"?