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    Script for Continue and Cancel in find



      Script for Continue and Cancel in find


      I have a layout that is hiding the status toolbar. I put a button on the layout to perform a specialized search. Because the status toolbar is hidden, I can't get to the cancel and continue buttons. I've put 2 buttons for Continue and Cancel on the layout. Is there a way to script the buttons to perform the same functions as the regular Continue and Cancel?

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          Exit script will cancel a paused script.

          A button with "resume script" specified will resume it.

          But if the script is pausing for the user to enter search criteria, there are also other options that avoid this situation--such as opening up a small modal window or a popover while in browse mode where the user specifies search criteria in global fields--which can now be given value lists if needed to better facilitate the user's efforts to find data and then a script enters find mode and uses the data in the global fields to set up the needed find requests.