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Script for date range

Question asked by bruns on Jul 16, 2014
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Script for date range


     Hello, I currently have a date range script that works for finding info between two dates.  However I have added  a twist that I cannot figure out. Here is the sceniro, please let me know if I can provide more info.


     I have a table for vessel assignments and I have these fields:



     date of next crew change

     days on vessel (calc) (If (IsEmpty (date_off_vessel) ; Get (CurrentDate)  ; date_off_vessel) - date_on_vessel)



     Currently if I use this I can find how long someone has been on the vessel realitive to date on and date off, however I have not been considering date of next crew change.


     I am trying to put together a Sea Service Report which includes all of the days on a vessel between to given dates, such as date on and date off but the new addition would also include date on until the current date ie the date the report ran.


     If I can provide more info please let me know.  I am including a script of what I currently have for showing crew changes between two dates.