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Script for go to related records

Question asked by EricaJackson on Nov 27, 2012
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Script for go to related records


     Hello (again!)

     I am using Anchor Bouy format. The 2 pertinent tables are CLIENT  and VISIT.  on a Layout based on the VISIT Table, I have a portal based on a CLIENT T.O.  that is joined by a global field "status" and I can sort the portal to show the clients in order of their status. I would like a button on the portal that would let me click the client Id number and then pull up the client's related visit records on that layout.  I tried the button setup  and getting the found set from the visit_Client table (this is linked by the client ID) and I tried using the table joined by the global field... I keep getting "can't dsplay" error messages

     I'm sure I'm not using the right path or do I need a more elaborate script to accomplish this task?