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    script for modify table view



      script for modify table view


      I have a typical contacts layout. In record view you can see all the fields pertaining to the particular contact record. List view just repeats the record view. Table view presents the information in columns, but has way too many columns to be useful. My users have multiple tasks that require them to sometimes view for example ...fields 1-20, and sometimes they only need to view fields 15-40. Using the modify button on the top right of the table they can pick and choose their columns manually. I'm wondering if there is a script to automate the process. such as view #1, view #2...


      Please let me know if you have any suggestions. thanks.

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          List view just repeats the record view.

          It repeats the record view but now scrolling the window scrolls your through the found set of records. If you use layout mode to arrange your fields into a narrow row at the top of the body and then resize the body part to minimum height, you will see a "table view" like representation of your data with multiple records visible at the same time.

          What you want to do cannot be scripted in FileMaker, but you can set more than one layout for the same table occurrence (box in manage | database | Relationships) Each layout can be customized in either a list or table view layout to show a specified set of columns of data. Buttons in the header of your layout (This has to be enabled in layout setup in order to work in table view.), can then switch the user back and forth between these layouts.

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            I understand what you're saying, but with list view, you don't have the functionality that you do in table view - adding trailing totals and subtotals. Is that the only functionality difference?

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              You can add trailing or leading totals and sub totals in list view. You do this by adding a sub summary part. This is an approach that gives you many more options for how the results are formatted and displayed than you have in Table view. You can also add buttons in the body if needed and you can limit users from using some of those table view controls that can mess up the layout and then unknowingly save them to complicate life for other users. Table view is a helpful view for developers to use, but for many other situations, it provides unsuspecting users with enough "rope" to "hang" themselves--so I tend to avoid using this view for regular use except for certain very specific purposes.

              With either view, you can use two layouts to present your two subsets of the total number of fields that the user can see and work with.

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                Good evening,

                Is this (making a script with Table View Modify) possible in FMpro12?

                I see this is an old topic from 2011 so maybe it has changed.

                Best regards