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    Script for multiple checkbox selections



      Script for multiple checkbox selections


      FM 12 Adv. How can I setup a script to find multiple checkbox selections? Suppose I have a field “States” with a value list of state names, configured as a checkbox. To show the states he has visited, a user can select many states. How can I write a script that finds multiple selections? I assume I would go to a layout that has a list of selections configured as checkboxes and in the find mode I would select the states I want to find. But I don't know how to write the scrip to do the find.

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          With a check box format (and 50 check boxes in one field is a lot of check boxes, other options might make more sense) the question arises as to what type of "find" you want to do:

          You can find all records that have all of the selected states. If you select "California, Oregon and Nevada" you find records that have at least "California" AND "Oregon" AND "Nevada" selected.

          You can find all records where at least one of the specified states is selected. Find each records where California OR Oregon OR Nevada is selected.

          Both are possible, but the script used is different.

          You can find examples of both scripts here: Scripted Find Examples