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Script for Multiple emails

Question asked by tonyleslie on Nov 9, 2008
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Script for Multiple emails


I have created a script that prints out 30 different layouts.  It simply goes to a layout, performs a pre-defined "find" script, prints it out, then moves on to the next layout and does a different "find", and so on until it is done.  It is not a loop.  Each print out is a schedule to be faxed to different sub-contractors.


I would like to change the script to create 30 different emails, with the schedules attached as PDF files.  I would like it to be totally without dialog and have the 30 emails stacked up ready to be sent, or if possible, have them automatically sent as part of the script. 


I am using AOL 9.1 as my email browser.  I can't seem to get to first base with this.  If someone can get me started in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.