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    Script for printing



      Script for printing


           hello everyone

           i have a question and i need to setup a button that will print a invoice by pressing thru a script, and it seems not to be working correctly can someone assist me, because when i hit the button is not going to the active record, it print something but not the currect record


           thank you 

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               I have mine set up to go to a different layout for printing so it looks like print preview. 

               Here is my script. 

               Personnel Records is my current table. The layout "Printable Personnel Records" is based on Personnel Records. The matching records relate to a specific ID assigned to every person.

               I know this one is maybe not exactly like what you may need, but hopefully you can modify it into something useful for you.

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                 Without knowing something of the design of your database file and the what your script looks like, we can only make guesses as to what you have and why it might fail.

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                   PHIL sorry i will put the script later


                   thank you