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Script for save button

Question asked by kimme on Jan 23, 2011
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Script for save button


I am trying to create a form where user can input data and needs to click on the save button before the records will be saved to the database. I am trying to do it that way because I have a field that will calculate the total amount and another field for signatories which depends on the total amount to be calculated. Currently, there is delay in the process since those fields needs to be clicked everytime there's changes in the form.


If the total amount is greater than 100k then the signatories will include vice-pres and president else it wont.


I was planning to create a button that will finalize the form by creating a save button. but im not sure how to create a script that will pass the values to the database. please help.

(im newin filemaker and im new here; hoping to resolve this problem :-(