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Script for simple search or so I thought!

Question asked by Charlie999 on Dec 13, 2011
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Script for simple search or so I thought!


Ive got a solution to help me run a charity bike ride.  There are a number of fields for name rider number etc but 3 that im trying to right a script to sort are as follows.

"Dropped out" values Yes or No.  Self explanatory some people enter then drop out for a number of reasons but I leave them in the database so I can see next year if they have enetered before.

Then "Meal required" values Meal or No Meal

And "Coach required" values Coach or No Coach

If i enter find mode and simply enter ==No into the riders dropped out field and ==Meal into the Meal field i get a true find of all records that have BOTH Meal and Rider Dropped out values as No.  If I use =Meal i get Meal & No Meal included obviously.

Now I'm trying to write a script to do the same but having problems.

I start off with show all details and then switch to the layout I want the results to be shown on.  Next I use "Perform Find" and enter both values as above.  This does not give the same result though instead it shows me any record with EITHER Meal or Rider dropped out being No.  It does not show me records that match both queries.

Next I tried Perform find for the Rider Dropped out and the contrain find for the meal but still no joy!

Any help please?