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Script for Switching Table Sources Dynamically

Question asked by FlorianWiegand on Apr 10, 2013
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Script for Switching Table Sources Dynamically


     Dear Forum Members,

     we have a six week release cycle on our Filemaker application. We are using the Version 12 Advanced Server with Version 12 Advanced clients. During our testing and development phase we are using a "testing" database. When we make a cutover to the production system, we want to switch to the production database. Our design uses two seperate fmp files, one for the GUI and the other for the data. In the Manage Database Relationships Layout, we can double click on a table and change the source from development to production. This works as intended as their schemas are identical. Is there a way to script the switch?

     Before going productive, we would initiate the script and it would change all table sources from development to production.

     Thank you for your time